Orthognathic Surgery Patients

 Surgical Orthodontics

Some patients have discrepancies between the positions of the jaws that detract from their appearance or that cause speech, breathing, or eating problems.  If severe, these types of problems are optimally corrected with the movement of one or both jaws in addition to the teeth.  Movement of the jaws is done surgically by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in the operating room of a hospital.  Most of the time, before such movement can be done, orthodontic treatment is needed to position the teeth so that they do not interfere with the ideal placement of the jaws during the surgery. The braces are usually kept on during the surgery and for approximately 6-10 months afterwards as the final positions of the teeth are optimized with the new jaw positions. Significant beneficial cosmetic and functional results including improved eating, speech, and breathing are usually achieved by such procedures.  The results are sometimes life changing.

Surgical correction of the jaws is usually limited to those who have stopped growing. Recovery time varies but is usually complete in 2 weeks.  Full healing of the bones, as with any bone fracture, usually take 6 weeks.
Dr. Schach has extensive experience diagnosing these types of problems and in providing the orthodontic support needed for the surgery to be successful.  He spent over 6 years as an orthodontic consultant to a maxillofacial surgery residency in San Antonio, Texas where his prime responsibility was in providing such support.

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