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Orthodontic TMD Treatment

Updated: May 5, 2023

Orthodontic TMD Treatment---Actual Patient
Orthodontic TMD Treatment---Actual Patient

We all heard the 5ps of success. One of the Ps is that proper planning prevents poor performance

In orthodontics, a proper diagnosis is the key to a successful orthodontics treatment, like a proper planning everything in life. At Grace's Braces, Dr. Grace provides the most completed and comprehensive diagnosis to address the etiology. For example, you had braces when you were teen. But now you are regaining gap between your teeth, bite is shifting, and teeth are getting crooked again. Sounds familiar? It seems like these problems are easy fix, but it might hold a big reason behind it. So Let Dr. Grace do a complete diagnosis for you. Once the diagnosis is correct, orthodontics treatment could be very cost-effective.

Michele's concern is that only 4 teeth touching at back with TMD symptoms and headaches. Because Dr. Grace addressed the etiology through proper diagnosis, she successfully treated this patient within 6 months without braces or Invisalign (this case's difficulty index is higher than usual that could cause a longer orthodontic treatment). It saved patient time, energy and money because of the treatment is so effective and no braces or Invisalign was used. Her TMD (Temporomandibular Jaw disorder) challenges, unstable occlusion and narrow airway were all improved with lifetime stability at the end of the orthodontics treatment.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Grace. Let a competent board-certified orthodontist help you achieve your dreamed smile without wasting any time and money.

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