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Dr. Grace Simco

Grace W. Simco DMD, MSD

Dr. Grace Simco leads the orthodontic team at Grace’ Braces. She serves as clinical faculty member at the Bolton-Brush Growth Study Center at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) which is the most prestigious Human Facial Growth center in the world.  After achieving her medical and dental degrees at Nanjing Medical University in China, Dr. Grace chose to continue her education with a three-year orthodontic program at CWRU in Cleveland, Ohio.  She enjoyed the culture so much she decided to stay in the United States to pursue her personal and professional dreams.

As a result, Dr. Grace doubled her dental degrees and orthodontic education both in China and in the United States.  She also engaged in research at the Bolton-Brush Growth Study Center and the Craniofacial Imaging Center that is a leader in the advancement of 3D imaging and the use of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) technologies.

By combining this growth focused research with leading imaging technologies, Dr. Grace is uniquely qualified to provide modern orthodontic treatments to her patients. Insights from her research help her determine when and how to treat children considering their varying growth patterns.  She started practicing orthodontics in the United States as the Clinic Director Chief at the Case Western Reserve Orthodontic Program and then in a couple of practices in Ohio and central Pennsylvania. Her use of modern imaging approaches enhances her ability to diagnose, whether regarding traditional braces, Invisalign aligners, TMJ/TMD symptoms or sleep apnea challenges.  Dr. Grace continues her research and maintains a teaching role at Case Western.  She is also a periodic guest lecturer at other universities, including her alma mater in Nanjing in China.

In her free time, Dr. Grace, her husband Steve, and their four-legged companions Murphie and Milo, enjoy hiking and biking in the local parks, fishing on the local rivers and lakes and experiencing the history and international culture of the greater Philadelphia area.  Thanks to Murphie, Dr. Grace learned a lot about dog behavior and now enjoys training dogs whenever she gets the chance. Grace also loves cooking for her family and friends, both authentic Chinese dishes and recipes from around the world.


Medical degree: Dongnan University, China 

Doctorate in Dentistry: Nanjing Medical University 

                                       Case Western Reserve University 

Orthodontic Education with Master's degree in Science:

                                       Nanjing Medical University 

                                       Case Western Reserve University 

ABO Certified Orthodontist (American Board of Orthodontics) 

Case Western University Dental School Orthodontic Department Previous Clinic Director, Faculty  

Case Western University Dental School Orthodontic Department Clinic Assistant Professor, Faculty  

Case Western University Dental School Orthodontic Department Director of Mastership Program  

Midwest Edward H. Angle Society Nominated Candidate

American Journal of Orthodontics and Dental-Facial Orthopedics peer reviewer

Chinese American Continuing Education in Orthodontics: Senior Academic Translator

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