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Grace's Braces Team

Dr. Grace is delighted to introduce her highly-trained staff.  At Grace's Braces, quality is key.  We are NOT a high volume, high turnover orthodontic office. This practice model sets high standards for the staff.  At Grace's Braces, we strive for excellence.  Dr. Grace and her expert team are here to help you create a heartfelt, beautiful smile.

Experienced, Friendly, Gentle

White Sheet

Business Manager

Cindy has been in the orthodontic field for almost 40 years. She brings a great "vibe" to Grace's Braces. When Cindy arrives, she successfully brightens the room with her incredible laughs and positive attitude. She is also an insurance guru who can help patients navigate their insurance company's complexities.
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Clinical Supervisor

Michele has been in the orthodontic field for almost 30 years.  She has really shown us the meaning of "never give up". As Grace's Braces entered into the new digital era, it is a challenge for staff members to embrace all the modern technologies. Michele impressed everyone with how quickly she learned all the new technologies. Needless to say, she is a rock star!
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Clinic Assistant

Sam joined Grace's Braces two years ago during the COVID pandemic. She is a hard-working individual with a great demeaner and huge heart. She was unstoppable, not because she didn't have doubts or failures, but because she continued on despite them. Enthusiasm is common, but endurance is rare. We see both in Sam. 
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Clinic Assistant

Cortney was Dr. Graces patient before joining the practice. She has amazingly gifted hands.  Cortney is known for her gentle touch.  Furthermore, she is a soft-spoken person whose voice provides a therapeutic effect in an orthodontic office.  It is incredible!  
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Clinical Assistant

Jamie is Grace's Braces newest team member but she has been in the orthodontic field for almost 15 years. She is gentle, efficient and a highly skilled clinical assistant.  She facilitates the flow of each treatment to make your experience effective and comfortable.  If you see someone in the office dancing like nobody's watching, it's probably Jamie.
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