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Grace's Braces was the first orthodontic practice in lower Bucks County to employ a 3D imaging system, a 3D intra-oral scanner and 3D printers.  Dr. Grace believes that investing in leading technologies is an investment in her patients.

i-CAT x-ray

Dr. Grace invested in an i-CAT 3-dimensional x-ray system in 2016, immediately after she bought the practice.  Since then, she has applied modern imaging technology to take orthodontic diagnose and treatment planning to a higher level.  Using the i-CAT technology, she successfully diagnosed tumors, infections narrow airway and other abnormalities.

CBCT image

 An i-CAT 3-dimensional x-ray can reveal teeth, facial bone structure, nerve, sinus, nasal cavity and other biologic features via various views either in isolation or combined.

CBCT airway reading

An i-CAT 3-dimensional x-ray can present nasal and oral airway structure. Various calculations regarding airway volume provide valuable diagnostic information.

CBCT TMD reading
TMD CBCT reading
TMD CBCT reading

An i-CAT 3-dimensional x-ray can present cross-sectional images of the Temporal Mandibular Joint(TMJ) providing extremely detailed information that helps diagnose and treat Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorder( TMD).

Intra-oral scan

Dr. Grace invested in an intra-oral scanner in 2019.  If you don't like getting a physical model of your teeth made, then a digital scan is your option.  The digital models are all kept in our computer.  If you lose/break your retainer, we can make a new one right away just from a simple phone call from you.

3-D resin printer

Dr. Grace invested in a 3D printer in 2021. Now all the digital models can be printed on site.  The accuracy of printed models leads to high quality retainers, an important component secret of keeping your teeth straight.

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