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Gummy Smile Treatment

Updated: May 23, 2023

Gummy smile improvement
A heartfelt beautiful smile after gummy smile improvement-Actual Patient

What is gummy smile?

It’s also called “excessive gingival display”, is where too much gum tissue is visible above the top teeth when you smile. A gummy smile with too much gums isn’t an oral health concern, but many patients find them to be aesthetically displeasing and and are ashamed of the look

Cause of gummy smile

Altered teeth eruption; Hyperactive upper lip muscle; Excessive vertical growth of the maxilla bone; Poor dental hygiene; side effect of medication; a combination of the above described factors.

Different type of gummy smile

1. Anterior gummy smile

2. Bilateral posterior gummy smile

3. Anterior and posterior gummy smile

4. Unilateral gummy smile

How to treat gummy smile

1. Maxilofacial surgery

2. Orthodontic treatment by usingTADs( Temporary Anchorage Devices), Removing teeth, Rapid Palatal expansion;

3. Laser Treatment

Gummy Smile
Full smile after gummy smile improvement---Actual Patient

Final gingival touch-up by using laser---Actual Patient

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